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The process to start the Orthodontic Treatment:

  1. Choose the location.

  2. Select "Book Online".

  3. Select "Initial orthodontic consultation" £50, either online or face to face.

  4. Select the date and hour.

  5. Fill in your personal details.

  6. Pay online for the service.

  • Once you have had your consultation, you will be referred to a Radiological center to do X-rays £65.

  • Choose the type of braces you want and let's start!

  • After fitting the braces you will need monthly check-ups £150 per month until you finish your treatment, length will be estimated in your consultation appointment.

  •  Once you finish your treatment you will need fixed and removable retainers.

*All our prices are in the "Book online" section. Contact us for help.

Four different type of Braces

They are the quickest, strongest, cheapest and most effective. As well called as traditional normal braces or train tracks. Around each bracket there is a grey elastic holding the wire. Each appointment the elastic is changed and you can change the colour of it if you desire. Suitable for all cases, recommended in extraction cases.

They are clear braces, made of porcelain or ceramic . Much more invisible than the metallic braces. Suitable for easy-medium cases. Not recommended in extraction cases.
The inconvenient is that they are fragil and the elastics around the brackets are transparent, possible change of colour to yellowish. Each check up appointment the elastics are changed to transparent again.

Clear plastic aligners done by computer, customised just for you.
Need to wear them 22 hours per day and change them every week at home. Attachements or glues over your teeth will be placed. Every 4 to 6 weeks needs to be checked. Very comfortable, very invisible, very clean. Adults loves it.
Not suitable for all cases. More expensive than metalic or ceramic braces.

Braces hidden from behind the teeth, no one will notice you are getting treated.
Suitable for easy cases. From the 4 techniques, this is the most invisible but as well the most uncomfortable, and limited in results.

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