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Orthodontics for Adults

As an adult looking to have a beautiful smile, the choice of appliance  will depend on what concerns you have with your smile, the type of bite correction needed, and what you feel comfortable wearing.

This often revolves around a conversation around your needs first as we discuss your smile and bite correction. Generally speaking, braces can still treat a wider range of bite conditions more effectively than Invisalign.  Occasionally, we combine this to obtain the benefits of the greater comfort with Invisalign and the predictability with braces.

With newer and more effective discreet options available for treatment, you can straighten your teeth and feel confident during this process. Appliance options for treatment range from clear outside braces, to hidden braces attached behind the teeth, to clear removable aligners like Invisalign. At this time, the jaws are generally fully grown, so there is little chance of any further jaw growth. It also means that large upper & lower jaw size differences, if present, may have to accept with us straightening the teeth only, or corrected with jaw surgery.

  • Why is orthodontic teeth straightening as an adult becoming much more popular?

There are more adults now getting their teeth straightened that would not have done so before. Adult orthodontics has increased in popularity over the past 10 years. So what has changed over this time?

Nowadays, there are newer clearer ways to straighten teeth, that are discreet and generally much less noticeable. The most common of this is Invisalign® or Lingual braces.

 So, a new smile as an adult can still mean you keep all your teeth in their natural shape, avoiding or minimizing any permanent teeth grinding for teeth veneers and associated costs, which also avoids future problems of these veneers breaking.

  • Can I still get my teeth straightened?

Some adults think they are too old to have this done, for reasons that they don’t think their teeth can move or they feel they are too old for wearing braces.

Adult teeth may take a month or two longer initially to start moving. Closing spaces may be slower or be done differently. Beyond that, there is no difference between teen and adult treatment. It is important you see an orthodontist before starting orthodontic treatment, who can verify this to you.

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